Six Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer

real estate lawyer Ottawa

If you're making big financial decisions, consulting with an expert is always a good idea. A sale or purchase of your house falls in this category. Apart from employing an agent for real estate prior to buying or selling, most buyers will also consult an inspector, and also hire an appraiser.

A real estate lawyer is another expert who could be crucial in the deal.

While some states require involvement from real estate lawyers, others don't. This article will discuss the reasons real estate lawyer Ottawa might be a good idea. It's both from an buyer's view and a seller's perspective.

What can a real estate lawyer do?

A real estate lawyer in Ottawa is licensed as a lawyer and is only specialized in transactions involving real estate. Real estate lawyers are acquainted with every aspect of the home buying process and can represent buyers, sellers or lenders.

It is possible for lawyers to only represent the lenders in states which require them to be present at closings. If you want someone to represent only your interests, then you'll require a lawyer. The requirements for the involvement of real estate lawyers differ from state to state , and even between states, for instance, in California, where the regulations differ by county.

Some people hire an real estate lawyer Ottawa at the beginning of the process, to handle issues like review of the brokerage contract with a real estate agent and others wait until the purchase contract is completed or until the closing. The cost for a lawyer could be around $200 to $300 an hour, or one flat charge of several hundred dollars which you pay when closing.

When Would I Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

A real estate attorney may help in a variety of situations when it comes to reviewing a purchase contract for the typical sale, or dealing with one that is unusually complicated.

Purchase Contract

Although real estate agents usually play a central role in the preparation of purchase contracts, lawyers can give a detailed review of conditions of the purchase contract. Furthermore the real estate agent is generally limited to filling out templates for contracts, instead of writing them from scratch. An attorney might be required to draft more complex contracts.

It is important that you take a few days to complete legal reviews if you're going to involve an attorney at this point. If you can make contingencies as favorable as you can, you'll be able to be sure to avoid any issues in the future.

The contract is by far the most important document to be used in the process of selling your home, and it covers a variety of potential issues that can be resolved. Some of the most crucial issues in the purchase contract include:

Timing. The sale of your home, or other issues that are beyond your control, like delays with lenders, can impact the closing date of the property.

Inspection. A home inspection could reveal many problems, and a seller and buyer could find themselves negotiating over the cost of repairs. In some instances, the buyer -- if the contract allows it -- can opt to pull out from the contract without cost.

Title. The title search is routine before a purchase, and it could uncover a lien on the property you're buying or selling or purchasing, which a lawyer may assist with investigating. A real estate lawyer Ottawa may also be able to make sure that the title insurance for the new property adequately shields you from any potential problems.


The moment you've been anticipating--closing an acquisition or sale of your home--usually is a long list of legal documents to review. A lawyer can help the buyer and seller get through the process that can be particularly difficult and confusing for a first-time homebuyer.

We negotiate the repairs, keep track of the financing, and check the title when representing the buyer. At closing, we explain all the mortgage documents to buyers.

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