What Type Of Gadgets Women Are Using For Personal Protection?




What makes us think that discussing protection devices for women in a way that is not appropriate? This might be the first idea that came to your brain. Every woman is Superwoman. This is true whether you're a daughter, an independent woman, or a wife. However, having security doesn't mean women are weakest in our society. Every day we see a lot of instances of Eve-teasing and domestic violence.

We can see that almost four in five Indian women have been victims of assault or harassment that's around 79 percent. At least 34,651 instances of rape were reported across India this year according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). Domestic violence is a major issue for 70 percent of women. At least 72% of acid attacks reported. This is the glaring truth about our country. Women are at risk of violence, and every three minutes women are victimized, violated, harassed.

Pepper Spray

This is probably the most famous female protection tool that we all know about. Pepper spray is a chemical blend that may cause temporary blindness tears, pain, or discomfort in the eyes. If you feel something fishy about, just pull the spray out of your bag and spray it onto the attacker's face, Its inflammatory effects cause the eyes to shut to block vision, and you'll have plenty of time to help or ask for assistance.

Mobile Stun Guns

Although they look like the other phones on the market but they don't function like a phone. A stun gun is among the immobilizing protection devices for women that momentarily disables the attacker with the power of an electric shock. They're extremely useful and don't resemble the look of any protection device. High-voltage mobile phone stun guns offer you the benefit of surprise and let you break free from a threat.

Telescopic Steel Baton

If someone is looking to cause trouble, you'll be able to find something to offer you. The telescopic steel baton can be carried in the palm of your hand, and can extend to 26 inches or 16-21 inches. It can also be put away effortlessly. With just a few clicks away, you can get one of these. One of them can be used to hold two people. They can be used offensively or defensively.




Kubotan Keychains

These weird sounding key chains can actually tear yours apart from your adversaries. Takayuki Kubota developed Kubotan keychains to protect women. It is used as an unintentional weapon of martial arts, but can also be used for self-defense. It's about the same size as a marker pen, and measures 5.5 inches long. The barrel is lined with six grooves, which have two swivel attachments on both ends , and numerous rings at the other end to hold keys.

Tactical Pen

While it might be tiny, the most effective female protection tool is one that protects you. The tactical pen functions as an auto-defense device. It can be used to stop or disable. It has the ability to strike, it's not sharp enough to inflict an injury to the attacker, this tip is more effective. Also, it isn't too heavy for your pocket. Once you really want to learn the latest information on Pepper Sprays, you've to browse around self-protection site.

Monkey Fist Keychain Balls

Another keys for self-defense. It is as odd as its name suggests but this tiny keychain can make a difference in your hand. This keychain has a one- inch steel ball wrapped in a high-quality cord. You can swing it or throw it at the person you are trying to hit or cause serious injuries. The string attached to it gives more velocity to the swing and a better grip. 

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